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R-2000™ Primer

R-2000 PRIMER is a premium quality liquid latex bonding agent and mortar additive, suitable for interior and exterior applications. R-2000 PRIMER is a low odor, one time re-emulsifiable copolymer emulsion designed to prepare surfaces for cementitious repair and leveling mortars. The superior adhesion, ultraviolet light resistance and water resistance of R-2000 PRIMER provides superior bonding to substrates. Use R-2000 in the repair of plastered ceilings and walls, concrete and stucco surfaces. R-2000 PRIMER or RAECO-Bond is required over all substrates prior to installing RAECO Self Leveling Underlayment. R-2000 PRIMER is ammonia free which eliminates a source of chemical irritation for field applications. This low odor feature is especially beneficial for interior construction or repair projects.

Performance Characteristics:

  • Interior and Exterior applications
  • Bonding agent for cementitious mortars
  • Wet and Dry areas
  • Residential, Commercial and Industrial applications
  • Horizontal and Vertical areas
  • Bonding agent for Self Leveling Underlayment
  • Polymer modifier for cementitious materials
  • VOC Content 2.5 grams per liter
  • High solids copolymer emulsion
  • Clean up with water only
  • Low odor
  • Applied with brush, broom, roller pad, pump sprayer
  • Improved properties for mortars
  • Provides excellent adhesion to substrates