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Mapelastic Turbo

Premium, Rapid-Drying, Waterproofing and Crack-Isolation Membrane

Mapelastic Turbo is a two-component, rapid-drying, cementitious-binder-based membrane with fine-grained selected aggregates, special admixtures and synthetic polymers in water dispersion for interior and exterior installations under ceramic tile or stone in residential, commercial and industrial intermittent wet or submerged environments. Applied easily with a roller or brush, Mapelastic Turbo provides an excellent barrier to protect adjacent rooms and floors below from water damage. Mapelastic Turbo exceeds ANSI A118.10 and ANSI A118.12 standards and is compatible with polymer-modified cement-based mortars (ANSI A118.4 or better) or epoxy mortars (ANSI A118.3).