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Clear Title Contact Cement

It takes a special adhesive to hold fast when the temperature goes up. And Clear-Tite is a special adhesive. Developed to hold fast at temperatures of up to 250°F, it’s the clear choice for installations where a hot pan, a warm oven or a steamy faucet might cause lesser glues to soften.
Maybe that’s why Clear-Tite has been the clear choice for more than 40 years for everything from tile and linoleum to cabinets, countertops, glass, carpeting and more. It leaves your installation flawless – even when the heat is on.
Used in the manufacture of kitchen cabinets, countertops, desktops, tabletops, store fixtures, and hard orthotics.
Compatible Materials: Canvas, Carpeting, Ceramics, Concrete, Cove Base, Crepe Rubber, Fiberglass, Foam (EVA, Nitrile, Vinyl), Formica, Glass, Leather, Metals, Neoprene, Particle Board, Some Plastics, Tile

  • Bonds vinyl laminates, flooring, and carpeting
  • Repairs seat covers, weather stripping and loose flooring
  • Provides a high-strength bond resistant to liquids and heat
  • Sets on contact to eliminate the need for clamping
  • All 4 oz. through 32 oz. cans come with a brush-cap top