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ACI-125® provides unmatched, extreme-density support under today’s ceramic and porcelain tile. It helps reduce the transmission of sound associated with tile floors and protects against substrate cracks up to 1/8”.


  • Ceramic and Porcelain Tile
  • MLF/LVT/Rigid Core with attached back
  • Laminate
  • Sheet Vinyl
  • Engineered hardwood
  • Solid hardwood


  • Extreme density for unmatched support under today’s popular ceramic and porcelain tile
  • Pliable rubber composition allows movement to reduce stress transmission from the concrete slab to the tile installation to help prevent tiles from cracking
  • Protects against horizontal, in-plane, slab substrate cracks up to 1/8”
  • Helps reduce sound transference between floors and retains acoustic properties over time
  • Can be used above or below grade and installs quickly
  • For use over in-floor heating and is recommended by the Radiant Professionals Alliance as an excellent choice
  • Fresh Dimension® antimicrobial helps to inhibit the growth of mold, mildew, and odor-causing bacteria
  • Meets or exceeds the CRI Green Label Plus program for indoor air quality


Composition Made of High-Density Synthetic Rubber
Thickness 0.051” (1.3mm)
R-value 0.02
Color Tan
Moisture Barrier N/A
Dimensions 36” x 33.33’ / 54” x 44.44’
Sq Ft per Roll 100 / 200
Sq Yd per Roll 11.11 / 22.22
Roll Weight 28 lbs. / 56 lbs.